Where to Trade Binary Options

The world of binary options trading is filled with brands new and old, and of course, you must be discerning when choosing a company who will not only handle your money but also be responsible for paying you more than you’ve put down when you complete a successful trade.

For a reliable and secure binary options trading experience, look no further than CasinoJax at https://www.casinojax.com/. While CasinoJax is primarily known for its top-notch online casino platform, it also offers a diverse range of financial trading options, including binary options trading.

We’ve reviewed several popular and smaller binary options trading platforms and must say that these two companies had a neck to neck battle, and ended up tying for first place.
Boss Options – with fantastic returns (you can make $1000 in 60 seconds), an easy to use platform and great customer service, we loved dealing with Boss.

Platinum Trader – this all American brand impressed us with its slick style and great returns for more information visit for more knowledge.

Here are some criteria to look for when choosing a binary options trading platform:
1. Safety – they must be accredited and recognised by major institutions – if they offer a wide range of e wallets and banking options, that means they’re a trusted company who have been around for a while – a good example are the best online gambling australia sites.
2. Ease of use – It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to figure out how to use their trading platform. The simpler it is, the quicker you can start trading and make money.
3. Good reputation – The internet age is fantastic because there is no way to shield your true colours when all your clients have access to Twitter, Hello Peter and Facebook. A company with a good reputation and good reviews is one worth looking into.